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Flexible online trading
The browser-based SaxoWebTrader offers online trading access to Forex, FX Forwards, Spot Gold & Silver, CFDs, Index Tracking CFDs, Stocks, ETFs and ETCs. The SaxoWebTrader requires no download or installation, and is accessible behind most firewalls. A SaxoWebTrader account also allows integrated access to the comprehensive, professional SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader.

Take control of the markets
Instant access to the global markets and one-click trading give the serious online investor increased accessibility to real-time prices at a moment’s notice as well as the ability to trade on their own terms by easily closing and opening positions or initiating stop orders to protect investments and minimise uncertainty.

SaxoWebTrader benefits:

        •  Trade 155+ FX crosses (incl. Spot Gold/Silver), FX Forwards,
            Stocks, Futures and 6,600+ CFDs
        •  Double leverage available on FX (up to EUR 50,000 of collateral)
            and a range of single-stock CFDs and all Index-tracking CFDs
            (up to  EUR 50,000 of collateral)
        •  No downloading or installation required
        •  New user-friendly interface with enhanced workspace flexibility
        •  One-click trading for fast execution
        •  Real-time FX prices, constant updating of Account Summary and news
            from major establishments and market updates from Saxo Bank
        •  Reliability of trading with a fully licensed and regulated
            European bank

Integrated with the comprehensive SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader, a mobile phone-based platform.

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