Open an Account at Coactorii Finance

Simply fill in our online application form and submit your documentation.

or if you prefer paper based application follow the steps below:


1. Complete the following documents

Client Application Form

Private clients
Client Application Form

Corporate clients
Client Application Form

General Business Terms

Download, print and complete the
Trading Agreement

General Business Terms

Download, print and complete the
Declaration for your introducing broker Coactorii Finance

Due diligence documents required for private clients: Due diligence documents required for corporate clients:
  » Declaration for Private Clients.   » Declaration for Corporate Clients.
PROOF OF IDENTITY   » Transcript from local Commerce or Certificate of Incorporation
Types of acceptable documents:   » Signed Articles of Association
  » Valid Passport (Identification & signature page required)   » Documentation of who can sign on behalf of the corporate entity (authorized signatories)
  » Valid National Identity Card   » Official Proof of Identity (as defined under A) for all authorized signatories
  » Valid Driver’s License
    » Official Proof of Identity and Proof of Residential Address (defined under A) for all Beneficial Owners listed in part 2
Identity documents must be current and valid, issued by official government authority and include:   » Supporting documentation of the ownership structure (defined in part 2, A and B)

Documentation of VAT number or of not VAT elegible.

» Full name
  » Unique personal identification number   »
  » Date and place of birth    
  » Clear visible picture which identifies the person    
  » Signature    
This document must be valid and include the current permanent address of the holder and be issued by an official government authority.    
Types of acceptable documents:
  » Valid National Identity Card
  » Valid Government issued insurance or medical card
  » Tax Statement (issued within the last 6 months)    

2. Send documents to Coactorii Finance
For fast processing, send the completed application forms together with the above-mentioned documents to Coactorii Finance via e-mail.

Please be aware that you MUST still submit the original signed application form within 14 days via standard mail.

See our contact information

3. Payments to Saxo Bank

Settlement instructions for payments to Saxo Bank A/S:
  Standard Settlement Instructions (PDF)
Credit/Debit card funding:
  Credit/Debit card funding (PDF)