Rates & Conditions

Reuse of Stock investment collateral for other investments
Coactorii Finance allows a percentage of the collateral invested in certain stocks to be used for margin trading activities (Forex, CFDs and Futures trading). See the percentage of collateral that can be used from each stock.


Country Exchange Name Symbol Retail Stocks Rates Currency
      Commission rate Minimum commission  
Spain Sistema De Interconexion Bursatil Espanol (BME Spanish) Stock Exchange SIBE 0.10% 12 EUR
Netherlands Euronext Amsterdam EURONEXT 0.10% 12 EUR
Belgium Euronext Brussels EURONEXT 0.10% 12 EUR
Portugal Euronext Lisbon EURONEXT 0.10% 12 EUR
France Euronext Paris EURONEXT 0.10% 12 EUR
Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange_XETRA FSE 0.10% 12 EUR
Austria Wiener Börse (Vienna) Stock Exchange VIE 0.10% 12 EUR
Italy Milano Stock Exchange MIL 0.10% 12 EUR
UK London Stock Exchange LSE_SETS 0.10% 8 GBP
UK London International Order Book LSE_IOB 0.10% 20 USD
Switzerland Swiss Exchange SWX 0.10% 18 CHF
Switzerland Swiss Europe Exchange VX 0.10% 18 CHF
Denmark OMX Nordic Stock Exchange_Copenhagen OMX 0.10% 29 DKK
Sweden OMX Nordic Stock Exchange_Stockholm OMX 0.10% 65 SEK
Finland OMX Nordic Stock Exchange_Helsinki OMX 0.10% 12 EUR
Norway Oslo Stock Exchange OSE 0.10% 65 NOK
Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange WSE 0.30% 75 PLN


Country Exchange Name Symbol Retail Stocks Rates Currency
      Commission rate Minimum commission  
US American Stock Exchange AMEX 0.02 per share 15 USD
US NASDAQ Global market NASDAQ 0.02 per share 15 USD
US NASDAQ Capital Market NASDAQ 0.02 per share 15 USD
US New York Stock Exchange NYSE 0.02 per share 15 USD
US NYSE Arca Stock Exchange NYSE Arcx 0.02 per share 15 USD
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange TSE 0.03 per share 25 CAD
Canada TSX Venture Stock Exchange TSX < 1 CAD, a flat fee CAD 25
>1 CAD, 0.02 CAD per share
25 CAD
US OTC Bulletin Board on NASDAQ OOTC & OTCBB 0.15% >$50000 25 per trade <$50000 USD


Country Exchange Name Symbol Retail Stocks Rates Currency
      Commission rate Minimum commission  
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEX 0,15% 150 HKD
Singapore Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited SGX-ST 0,15% 25 SGD
Australia Australian Stock Exchange ASX 0,10% 25 AUD
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE 0,15% 1500 JPY

Taxation on UK stocks
For UK stocks, a PTM levy and Stamp Duty may be applicable. A PTM (Panel for Takeovers and Mergers) levy of GBP 1 is applied to buy and sell transactions where the Gross Value of the trade exceeds GBP 10,000. Stamp Duty is equal to 0.5% of the value of the deal. Please note that for Irish registered stocks, Stamp Duty is 1% of the transaction value.

Taxation on Singapore stocks
For Singapore stocks, a Clearing Fee of 0.04% is payable, subject to a maximum of SGD 600.

Taxation on Hong Kong Stocks
For Hong Kong stocks, Stamp Duty and other charges apply: 0.109%
Note: Continuous trading including a break between GMT 04:30 - 06:30.

Currency Conversions
Currency conversions are done using the close rate at New York (17:00 New York Local Time) plus/minus 0.5%.

Dividends from Stock Positions
Dividend payments from stock positions will be credited to your account, less any applicable withholding taxes.

Market Orders
Certain exchanges* do not support market orders. If  clients place a market order in these markets, the order will be automatically translated to an aggressive limit order within a certain percentage limit "in the money"**. It is the clients own responsibility to check if the order is traded in the market after order entry. If clients experience or suspect any errors with their order, they should contact Coactorii Finance immediately.

*Exchange **Percentage Limit
American Stock Exchange (AMEX) 2.50%
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) 1%
Athens Stock Exchange (AT) 2%
Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) 2.50%
OMX Copenhagen (CSE) 2.50%
OMX Helsinki (HSE) 2.50%
OMX Stockholm (SSE) 2.50%
Singapore Exchange (SGX-ST) 1%

Some of our execution brokers may choose to translate market orders on various markets into aggressive limit orders 3% in the money. This is due to their internal compliance and is set to protect clients from "bad Fills". Coactorii Finance will not be responsible for missing fills due to this.

Odd Lots in Nordic Markets
Orders traded in the Nordic markets (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) may be split into an "even lot" which will be traded, and a remainder which may be routed to an odd-lot order book. For the parts of an order routed to the odd-lot order book:

  » Limit orders will be filled if possible or left until a fill is possible
  » Market orders will be filled immediately if possible, or otherwise cancelled (fill or kill principle)

Transfer of securities
For more information about the procedures concerning transfer of securities, please click here.